Glow Oil Skin Booster

Glow Oil Skin Booster


Glow Oil will not clog pores and can be used on a regular basis to add to your moisturizer (cocktail) for enhanced hydration especially after traveling to different climates.  Its calming and anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties makes it an ideal add on for skin break outs.  Using the product on a regular basis can only…



Feature Ingredients:

  • Rose; reduce scars and fine lines, anti-oxidant, wound healing, improves skin tone, increase skin cell turnover.
  • Frankincense; rejuvenating effect, astringent, promote collagen, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial.
  • Rose Hip oil; moisturizing and anti-aging abilities, vitamin A, D, E C (highest), reduce pigmentation, anti-bacterial properties.
  • Vitamin E; anti-oxidant combats free radicals, reduce UV damage, supports cell function and strengthen the skin barrier function, treating dry skin, help with scarring.
  • Bergamot; natural cleanser, unclog pores, anti-bacterial and anti-septic, preventing inflammation and infection, help balancing dry skin.
  • Lavender; acts against fungi, combats inflammation, anti-bacterial.


Apply on skin as is or cocktail into your Bespoke Nisk Moisturizer.


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