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30th May 2019
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Skin Pigmentation

types-of-Skin pigmentation

So you have a question?

What causes skin pigmentation? How do I treat it?

We have the answer….

Somatologist Lehandri van Jaarsveld explains the main cause and the successful treatment.

What do you call the cells that causes skin pigmentation?


Why do we have melanin?

Well it’s simple: If we did not have melanin we all will look like geckos…..

It’s firstly the cells in our body that give every organ in our skin its colour

The skin is the biggest organ of the body. Really no jokes….. Our skins main function is protection and of course it hold everything inside, so we don’t walk around falling apart, and leaking blood and other fluids.

How does it protect us?

Well above all, it protects our skins from harmful UV lights

But how?

So when we enter the sun our melanin immediately start to activate and that is why we turn into some sort of colour, the colour depend on the amount of ultra violet light your skin comes into contact with, so

  1. Either, you turn light brown, thus, your melanin becomes more densely packed for protection,
  2. Or, you turn bright red. So now you burned your skin and the melanin was not strong enough to protect
  3. Or, you are left with brown patches and spots months after your sun tanning session.

Now why do I have skin pigmentation?

Now that’s number 3. Your skin either had a weak spot on the skin, got damaged from over exposer of UV rays or you were on some sort of medication that thinned the skin like, reaction or cortisone this can also be from doing to many acid peels in a short period of time before you went into the sun. The melanin packed itself so densely that you now have to first build the skin (heal it) and in time your melanin will relax and become lighter in such an area.

None of these reasons seems familiar to me?

Well now we go down the list…..

  1. I’m pregnant: this might be the hormone changes in your body that triggered the melanin production, in this case you will Esperance that you have a pattern of dark marks either on the fore head, cheeks and chin this is called the butterfly mark (but not as pretty as a butterfly) you will have to wait it out… for about 9 months then you can distinguish if it will stay or disappear….. Please stay away from any sunbathing and apply a spf every time you put your foot out the door. This will help to keep the melanin from increasing its protection ability and the spots won’t go any darker.
  2. Hormone imbalance: consult your genie then your somstoligist
  3. Scaring on that specific area: consult your somatoligist
  4. Excessive Acid peel: consult your somatologist
  5. Waxing: your therapist removed some skin with hair, and you went on a lovely summer vacation and the skin did not healed yet.

What treatments is recommended:

  1. Derma needling
  2. Microdermabrasion
  3. Light TCA peels

Products that concentrate on the treating of pigmentation

So girl this is just a guide line. I am here for any assistance, treatments, consultations and I will gladly help you work out the perfect regime and will guide you all the way to your perfect completion.

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